What does your investment do?

  • Allows REDC to provide help in establishing new businesses, and continued support to existing business in Richland County.
  • Allows REDC to continue to support the diversity of agricultural industry, which is a large economic impact to our county.
  • Allows REDC the opportunity to investigate and study general and specific economic conditions within Richland County, with an aim to increase economic activity, employment, tax base, and opportunities.
  • Allows REDC to assist those entrepreneurs with finding the necessary technical assistance to implement sound business plans.
  • Allows REDC to help identify entrepreneurs, and assists them in finding financial resources to enable them to take advantage of the opportunity.
  • Your Investment connects you into a network of businesses and individuals that live, work, and flourish in our local economy.
  • Your Investment gives you free advertising on our website, and visibility in our flyers and newsletters.
  • Your Investment allows REDC to be one of the 1st contacts made by political figures as a clearing house of information about our community and economy.
  • Allows REDC to help offer numerous resources that may be helpful when starting a new business, including: new Business Startup Packages, survey information, statistics and general information on Richland County.
  • Allows REDC to provide technical assistance, financial resource assistance, and education/training opportunities to Richland County.
  • Your Investment gives you an opportunity to voice your opinion on various projects and activities that support our mission.
  • Allows REDC to be the central economic development organization in Richland County, focused solely on the growth, development, and prosperity of our economy.
  • Your Investment allows you the opportunity to take an active part in the destiny of the economy, and ensures that future generations will thrive.
  • By being a member you will be the first to know about upcoming events that are happening in our community.
  • Your Investment helps markets the whole community as a place to prosper.

Ready to become a member?

First, let us begin by saying THANK YOU. Thank you for doing business in Richland County and for believing in the community and citizens. It is this faith in our community that is the driving force behind our non-profit organization, Richland Economic Development Corp (REDC). While REDC’s primary focus is on the economic development of Richland County through supporting new and existing businesses, we also actively work on issues that are associated with economic growth. Through continuing work with local businesses, government, area chambers of commerce, and developers, REDC helps to address the growing concerns of infrastructure, housing shortages, and community identity. REDC can tackle all these sectors by utilizing partnerships with companies like yours, as well as networking, grant opportunities, and public input. Since REDC is a non-profit, we rely on memberships to enable us to work in our ever-changing area. By investing a membership to REDC, you too will be helping to actively shape our home. Your membership will enable us to keep providing our services to start or grow businesses. We would appreciate your support, and so we ask that you consider becoming a member of REDC.