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Supporting the Development of a Better Economy

Richland Economic Development Corporation (REDC) is a non-profit organization that was established in 1987. There are twenty-one committed volunteers who serve on the Board of Directors from various businesses and individuals from Crane, Fairview, Lambert, Savage & Sidney to represent all of Richland County. The individuals who serve on this board closely investigates and studies general and specific economic conditions within Richland County, with an aim to increase economic activity, employment, tax base, and opportunities.

It is our Mission is to take action or encourage action by others which will assist potential new or existing businesses to improve their chances of survival and contribution to economic growth in Richland County, Montana. The ultimate goal of any action taken by Richland Economic Development should be focused on long-term expansion or strengthening of the economic base of Richland County.

The Board of Directors of Richland Economic Development works to accomplish its mission by taking these following actions:

  • Provides a resource base for access to business information needed by any existing or potential owner to allow them to expand or otherwise enhance their chances for business success.

  •  Assists various business projects to gain access to non-conventional financing sources not available through the normal lending process (grants, government loans, capital resources). 

  • Maintains contact with government and political individuals or organizations who have the ability to assist or impede the business expansion process with the purpose of influencing those people to improve chances of business success. 

  • Provides manpower assistance, or encourage involvement by others with special expertise in projects, which will benefit the economic base of Richland County.

  • Attempts to influence public or personal opinions as to specific actions needed to reach designated goals or otherwise accomplish a part of our mission.

  • Monitors the Richland County economic base for the purpose of identifying areas that need attention or encouragement by this group or any other group.

  • Maintains a short and long-range plan of actions to be taken by the organization in pursuit of its mission.

REDC’s Activities

  • Investigates and studies general and specific economic conditions within Richland County, with an aim to increase economic activity, employment, tax base, and opportunities.

  • Offers numerous resources that may be helpful when starting a new business including: new business startup packages, survey information, statistics and general information on Richland County.

  • Provides technical assistance, financial resource assistance, and education/training opportunities to Richland County. We also serve as facilitators for short and long term countywide economic development initiatives and partnerships.

  • REDC strives to provide help in establishing new businesses and continues to support existing businesses in Richland County.

  • Our Revolving Loan Fund has been utilized successfully as a gap financing tool for 19 entities and equating to 152 jobs in the Richland County area. The reinvestment of these loans has equated to $6.2 M reinvested across the county.

Other projects that we have worked on in 2022 are:

  • Working with the Richland County Sportsmen’s Club to build a shooting range

  • Bringing a social media class to the county

  • Creating a resource guide for workforce issues

  • Participating in the Rise & Restore meeting for small businesses

  • Clearinghouse for the infrastructure dollars from the Feds

  • Participating in the action committee for the new medical college in Billings

  • Celebrating the success of the Intake By-Pass channel for the pallid sturgeon

  • Bringing a website development class to the county

  • Consultations with entrepreneurs starting or expanding businesses